Beware the “Lazarus Businesses” that will fool you into giving credit

Thousands of businesses go under each year… but only a tiny fraction of the people running them are disqualified. That allows them to set up again – which should ring alarm bells for anyone giving a “new company” credit…

By Ian Carrotte, Founder ICSM Credit

Why unpaid bills are every business’s Achilles heel… and how to avoid them

Every business owner will know that bad debts can bring down a company – and business debts are currently at their highest ever figure. That’s why taking action at the first sign of trouble could be vital to your future, says Ian Carrotte, founder of ICSM Credit.

Government looks at late payments again… but will it be enough?

A recent announcement from the Government asking for feedback from businesses on how to tackle late payments has been given a 5/10 rating from one of the UK's leading specialists in bad debt prevention.

Warning to print businesses to “keep tabs” on their customers’ finances as company liquidations leap

Warning to print businesses to “keep tabs” on their customers’ finances as company liquidations leap

Retail failures this year


The harder they come the harder they fall

Retailers who tasted the bitterness of insolvency in 2018

There seems no end to the number of High Street casualties this year with the likes of Maplins, House of Fraser and Toys R Us all going to the wall or having to be drastically downsized or rescued.


From a good screw in Rome to the printing habits of monks


From a good screw in Rome to the printing habits of monks

For those printers who enjoy a glass of wine before they settle down after a long day in the print room they will be gladdened to know these choice pleasure gave birth to the printing industry and printing presses in general.


Top ten tips to make sure you remain solvent

Top ten tips to make sure your remain solvent  Top ten tips to make sure your remain solvent

Insolvency Service’s powers to be strengthened

    The Insolvency Service is to have strengthened powers







Johnston Press on the brink of collapse

The once mighty Johnston Press is teetering on the brink of going into administration.

Manchester printer says administration is possible

In another blow to the print industry G&H in Manchester has given notice it is likely to appoint administrators as it attempts to find a buyer.

Problems of finding the real owner of a firm

One of the problems of chasing bad debts is the costs and the sheer time it takes to track down the debtor.

Relative confusion: it can be difficult to find out who is the real debtor when everyone has the same name in a family firm. Photo by abi ismail on Unsplash

Print Show set for September at the NEC

It was a titanic battle between two rival print trade exhibitions

Debenhams to sell their print division

The latest casualty in the decline of the High Street has emerged as strugglig Debenhams are to sell off their entire printing division along with closing several stores.

Book on war hero stopped by the 'Bonny and Clyde' of the print industry

Pictured are Neill Malcolm Stuart John and Clare Hunnisett

In a dramatic story the trade journal Print Monthly has updated its readers on the troublesome duo known as 'The Bonny and Clyde of the Print Industry,' over a book on a war hero that was to be published by the writer Mike Palmer.


Notorious print broker

The net appears to have finally closed on the notorious print broker Neill Malcolm Stuart John and his partner Clare Hunnisett.

Paper prices on the up

If things weren’t bad enough with inflation rising and a shrinking market, it now seems certain the printing industry will be hit by above inflation rises in paper.

Ink prices set to rise

Ink prices on the up as raw materials go up in cost as demand increases.

Xerox war continues as Fuji contests deal

Just when it appeared the battle for control of Xerox had squeezed out the last ounce of drama, a new drama is about to take place.

ICSM News for May 2018

ICSM News for May 2018

You can run but you cant hide

a story of recovering a bad debt

Battle to save the football programme

The English Football League has announced a vote will be held at their June AGM over whether the rule that all clubs must publish a printed programme for home games.

The difficulties in chasing invoices in Scotland

Scotland has the worst late payment record in the UK according to the Paul Hopkins and Kenny Richmond of Scottish Enterprise. In a report covering business activity north of the border they said that in 2015 there was £1.8m in unpaid invoices with 67 percent of firms hit by late payment.

Asset strippers ready to move in on struggling firms

According to the trade journal Print Monthly there are a long list of printers currently in administration some of which are trading whilst others have shut up shop completely.

Questions over publishing company

ICSM’s Ian Carrott has said there are questions to be answered over Black Dog Publishing’s demise following the firm’s collapse.

ICSM warn against getting in too deep with clients

Print Week have reported on the collapse of Henna Press in Watford – a situation created by FT Solutions failing to pay on time according the publication’s website.

Beware the Lazarus debt collectors: they’re back and trying to rip you off

They are back: the Lazarus debt collectors who fleece unsuspecting clients who believe they will recoup bad debts. The conmen go through the Official Receiver’s lists of creditors owed money when a company goes bust and then approach a creditor to promise they can recover all their money – for a fee.

Runners and Riders list: firms who have hit the buffers

ICSM's list of print (or print related) firms who have hit the buffers is of interest to those in the business. It shows the range of companies that go to the wall as well as flagging up names across the country who have problems. To protect your company from a bad debt join ICSM as our intelligence network through our members acts as an early warning system.

A very unusual company name (perhaps someone fell asleep on their keyboard)

There have been some unusual names listed at Companies House over the years but we did have a chuckle at this one when it was flagged up.



Printers take a hit as Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurants close

A dozen Jamie Oliver Italian Restaurants are closing down after the business went into administration with debts of almost £10m.

The news has left a number of print industry companies as unsecured creditors including ABC Imaging UK, KD Media publishing, KK Balers, Harper Collins Publishers and Haymarket Media.

More than a quarter century of policing late payers

With the numbers of print firms offering 90 to 120 days credit and more to large clients it is no surprise that every now and then they take a hit. And one bad debt can send them down. The excuse of ‘the cheque is in the post’ is still alive and well despite the fact many businesses don’t even own a cheque book.

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