Notorious print broker

Net closes on the Bonny and Clyde of the print industry

The net appears to have finally closed on the notorious print broker Neill Malcolm Stuart John and his partner Clare Hunnisett.

Reports of his demise have been given in the past as the authorities investigated claims he was defrauding his clients but it appears things have got a bit more serious this time. All his known websites have been taken down and the usually communitive print farmer has gone quiet.

An action group of disgruntled customers have been taking collective action against him and have called on all victims to contact the authorities and their local MP.

Previously John and Hunnisett have written to Print Monthly over the printing of ‘lies’ about his business activities. Earlier this month John again contacted us to declare: “We change our name regularly because we are an internet firm and every time something hideous is written about us, it ranks in Google and prevents us from trading because you sew us back into the terrible thread, we’ll stop re-inventing ourselves when you stop writing about us.”

The resident of Barry in Wales attached a long list of clients who he said were pleased with his service and also said he had repaid more than £100,000 in cash to those who were not happy with his work which seemed to contradict his assertion.

With his websites down and possible legal action pending it appears the business activities of ‘the Bonny and Clyde of the print industry’ may be over. Meanwhile around 100 or more clients of his are counting the cost of trusting him and numerous printers are wishing they hadn’t accepted orders from John.

This article first appeared in Print Monthly magazine and website.

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