Runners and Riders list: firms who have hit the buffers

Runners and Riders

The harsh winds of the economy have taken their toll of many firms in the printing industry this winter along with those associated with it.

Below is a collated list taken from the Government’s London Gazette of businesses in the industry who are experiencing problems in the last few weeks.

Bankruptcy Orders

Hi-Street Digital Media Limited  12/12/2017

Media Skunk Works Limited  12/01/2017

Precedent Communications Limited  13/12/2017

Members Voluntary Liquidations

Clearprint (Lincs) Limited  03/11/2017

20/21 International Art Fair Limited  06/12/2017

Bureautech Digital Limited  07/11/2017

Copy It Digital Solutions Limited  03/11/2017

Design Design Technology Limited  22/12/2017

Gdb Direct Print Finishers Limited  07/12/2017

Gyrfalcon Productions Limited  06/12/2017

Positive New Media Limited  07/11/2017

Postermobile Advertising Limited   07/11/2017

Trek Digital Limited   22/12/2017

Worldwide Magazine Distribution Limited   22/12/2017

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed

Prs Media Limited  13/12/2017

Creditors Voluntary Liquidators Appointed

Adnet Outdoor Limited  22/12/2017

DMG Design & Development Limited  22/12/2017

Firefly Books Limited  13/12/2017

Mayfield Design & Developments Limited  13/12/2017

Onbrand Networks Limited  07/12/2017

Packer Digital Limited  13/12/2017

Quest Pursuit Graphics Limited  13/12/2017

Quest Pursuit Ink Limited  13/12/2017

S Jones Design Limited   07/12/2017

Switch Marketing Communications Limited  07/12/2017

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Meetings S 98

I-Spy Digital Limited  07/11/2017

Creditors Voluntary Liquidation Deemed Consent Meetings

AJ Media Enterprise Limited  12/12/2017

Captivating Media Limited  12/01/2017

JB Design Services Limited  12/01/2017

Liquidator’s Appointed

Boho Media Limited  02/11/2017

138 Marketing Limited  11/12/2017

Annex Print Limited 03/11/2017

Arion Print Limited  06/12/2017

Astral Design Limited  12/01/2017

Boomerang Integration Consultants Limited  06/11/2017

Captivating Media Limited 12/01/2017

D J Segrue Limited   11/12/2017

Dissolve Design Limited  03/11/2017

EHT Design Consultants Limited  11/12/2017

Enable By Design Limited  03/11/2017

Ernst & Ernst (Sales) Limited 02/11/2017

Forward Finishing Limited  03/11/2017

Mounts Hill Woodcraft & Design Limited  06/12/2017

Rebecca Garrett Media Limited  02/01/2018

Storehouse Marketing Limited  03/11/2017

Workingcare Media Limited  02/11/2017

Petitions to Wind Up

Target Source Media Limited 02/11/2017

Digital Educational Publications Limited  22/12/2017

Jaco Europak Marketing Limited  06/12/2017

Workingcare Media Limited  02/11/2017

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