Questions over publishing company

Publisher leaves a string of debts

ICSM’s Ian Carrott has said there are questions to be answered over Black Dog Publishing’s demise following the firm’s collapse.

The publisher of fine art books has been liquidated leaving a string of printers, graphic designers and paper suppliers out of pocket to the tune of many thousands. Staff were also left high and dry when wages were not paid.

In the past ICSM recovered outstanding invoices for its members from Black Dog Publishing including costs and interests and that some members had warned against dealing with the firm due to late payment.

Ian Carrott said: “As far back as 2009 we have been working on our members’ behalf recovering cash they are owed by the publisher. One member was owed just shy of £40,000 which we were able to recover for them which with costs and interests ended up as £43K. Other amounts are for hundreds and others for thousands which for some printers can mean a profit wipe out or even worse.”

“The problem is some printers are desperate for work so they will do business with a firm they know are trouble. It is understandable but highly risky as one day their client may go under leaving them without any money. Times are tough for some and they won’t turn away work even when they know the risks.”

“If a company is flagged up by members as a bad risk then the simple thing to do is not to trade with them unless they pay up front.”

Black Dog Publishing of Islington in London were liquidated in January 2018 owing around three quarters of a million pounds leaving staff unpaid and several printers with unsettled invoices to the tune of many thousands of pounds. 

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