Boss of bogus law firm banned by the High Court (for the second time)

If you thought law firms were on the straight and narrow think again: this is a shocker

Ms Tashia Joseph, a bogus law firm boss of French Fox has been banned by the High Court for running a company for 10 years.

Last month Judge Burton imposed an order disqualifying Joseph for 10 years after it was established she traded with ‘a lack of commercial probity’ and failed to ensure French Fox maintained and/or preserved adequate accounting records.

The Law Society Gazette’s John Hide wrote: “French Fox Limited was incorporated in 2016 and promoted itself as a solicitors’ firm, claiming on its website it had experience in several sectors and could provide a number of services. But in reality the outfit was not registered with the SRA and did not have permission to display the Legal500 logo. Following complaints, French Fox was wound up in the High Court last year after a petition was submitted by the Insolvency Service,

“According to an Insolvency Service statement, further investigations concentrated on the registered director of the company, Tashia Joseph, who had previously served a four-year directorship disqualification.”

Describing herself as a fiduciary nominee or someone who holds assets for someone else, she accepted her role with the company when she was asked by a third party.

John Hide commented: “But in interview, she was unable to explain what French Fox did, where it traded from, how many employees it had or why she was the sole shareholder. Joseph was found to have opened a bank account for the firm under the pretence that she had 15 years’ legal experience. She then handed over the account information to a third party and was unable to explain the monies coming in and out of French Fox’s bank account, including outgoing payments of more than £166,000.”

The Insolvency Service reported that: “Despite advertising on its website that the firm had experience in a multitude of sectors and could provide a number of services, French Fox was not registered with the Solicitors Regulation Authority and didn’t have permission to display the Legal 500 logo on its website.

“Following complaints, French Fox was wound up in the High Court in February 2018 after a petition was submitted by the Insolvency Service following confidential investigations.

“The Official Receiver was appointed as liquidator of the company and carried out further investigations, which included speaking to the registered director, Tashia Melissa Joseph, who had previously served a 4-year directorship disqualification.”

Joanna Caswell, Deputy Official Receiver, said: “Having just finished a 4-year disqualification, it appears that Tashia Joseph had not learnt from her previous mistake and a mere 5 months later began to act in a manner which lacked any integrity. The court took a dim view of Tashia Joseph’s actions and this ban should serve as a warning to other directors who refer to themselves as a ‘nominee director’ with the misunderstanding that they have no responsibilities and duties as a formally appointed director.”

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