Make sure your clients pay you with ICSM before they go bust with half price standard 90 day membership of the UK’s leading business intelligence group

Special 90 day membership offer

Act now before the effects of the ending of the furlough scheme takes effect this autumn by joining the leading business credit intelligence groups ICSM for just £50 (normal price for 90 day membership is £100) and go after your non paying clients.

Hundreds if not thousands of firms are expected to call in the adminstrators between now and 2022 as their credit lines run out, furlough ends and their business model fails. 

Many debtors will only pay when legal action is threatened or a court claim and a CCJ is lodged against them.

Survival of the most active

By joining ICSM you will have access to a raft of information and tools to improve your cash flow. Our free legal letters are an escalating tool of pressure to force your invoices to the top of your non-paying client's agenda.

Our bespoke and diplomatic debt collection department has an enviable record of success in securing hundreds of thousands of pounds every year for members both here and abroad. It is paramount you act quickly and provide all paperwork and email trails so court action is prompt and successful.


Since the 1980s ICSM has worked hard for its members to keep them informed of which firms and organisations are not paying their invoices. We provide an invaluable service to members helping them to get paid on time and to avoid customers who are llikely to go bust. As the UK's leading business credit intelligence group we have members ranging from sole traders to multinationals - who save themselves fortunes by avoiding bad debts.

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and get:

Free legal letters, advice and micro debt recovery

Vital and accurate credit intelligence on all UK businesses

Search on-line facility for customer credit information

Advanced warnings on problem firms before they cause you a problem

Shared information from industry accounts departments and credit managers

Comprehensive monitoring of CCJs, new businesses, management changes and our credit community database compiled in 'real time' from our members.


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