Respected London-based printing company crashes as more firms in the printing, media and allied trades hit the rocks

Respected London-based printing company crashes as more firms in the printing, media and allied trades hit the rocks

Print Week, the leading trade publication for the industry has reported on the sudden collapse of the respected printing and publishing company Push Print.

Jo Francis reported: “The Bermondsey, London-based firm printed for a wide range of creative clients producing books, magazines and brochures for galleries, museums, photographers, architects, fashion houses and property developers. Further details about the company’s situation were unavailable at the time of writing but Printweek understands that a liquidator will be appointed tomorrow (1 September), and the business had been knocked off course by the effects of the pandemic. In its abbreviated accounts for the year ending 31 July 2020 shareholders’ funds at The Big Push Ltd, which trades as Push Print, had reduced from £357,631 to £27,558. The 21-staff firm had also been using the furlough scheme.”

The news comes on the back of warnings from ICSM’s Ian Carrotte that there will be a slew of firms going bust as they come of furlough payments this month. He described the situation as being ‘on the brink of disaster’ as the number of companies going bust increases.

“More than a million workers are on furlough still,” he said, “with many businesses are on drip feed from the Government with no hope of returning to profitability. Once the payments end they will call it a day and cease trading leaving suppliers unpaid.”

ICSM understands that Push Print in the Print Week story is not connected to the Glasgow company of the same name.  

Private Eye have followed up ICSM’s report on KEO Films owned in large part by the TV celebrity chef Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall has reported on the £4million pay-outs to him and his co-owners but nothing for the suppliers and freelancers. They are owed hundreds of thousands of pounds and are unlikely to get nothing after the pre-pack sale of the firm to another company.

Liquidators have also been called into printing companies Mountain Paw-Print, Platform Press, TMS Publishing Limited and Waltham Print Limited as the list continues to grow.

Ian Carrotte of ICSM said: “We have a special offer with free membership for 90 days. We’ll set up new members with a free account and access to our free headed ICSM legal letters including Final Demands and Breach of Contract letters. These work in around of 80% of cases so it is worth joining if you cannot get clients to pay.”

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Below is a listing of printing, press, publishing and allied firms who have hit the buffers financially.


Administrators Appointed

24 Live UK Limited    08433977

KEO Films Limited    03138064

KLT Communications Limited    11059534


Administrators Meetings Para 51

Monument Paper Bag Company Limited (The)    00481099


Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Adlestrop Creative Platform Limited    12059603

Aventor Design Limited    04557090

Boom Advertising Limited    11769873

Elmley Sales & Marketing Limited    10607048

Grand Design London Limited    09024197

Ian Rogers Media Limited    11366945

Sixth Story Creative Limited    07451857

TES Media Group Limited    08704040

Waltham Print Limited    09904745


Liquidators Appointed

Adlestrop Creative Platform Ltd    12059603

Apple Graphics UK Limited    10390034

Boradside Posting Services Limited    04304382

Clinton Smith Design Limited    05859993

Colour Rite Limited    05853308

Creative Group Inc Ltd.    10868477

Fam Media Limited    12161783

Four Four Studio Limited    11892103

Grand Design London Limited    09024197

Hallam Signs & Graphics Limited    09520982

H K Packaging Limited    11853663

Hilton Publicity Limited    10424957

Image Star Creative Solutions Limited    11456909

LCE Architects (UK) Limited    07491229

McLaren Marketing (Yorkshire) Limited    04223683

Mint Copy Limited    08945356

Mountain Paw-Print Limited    07617318

Platform Press & Publicity Limited    07864344

SA Marketing Solutions Limited    08986721

Soho Post Production Limited    08848965

TCE Productions Limited    08906321

TES Media Group Limited    08704040

Time Design Limited    11925131

TMS Publishing Limited    11002243

Vanadu Limited t/as First Point Print    02562027

Villiers Forbes Design Limited    05419711

Waltham Print Limited    09904745


Members Voluntary Liquidations

BOHL Publishing and Consulting Limited    09812398

By Design (UK) Limited    06019413

Ink Studio London Limited    08442694

JCA International Sales Promotion Services Limited    03427899

MB Designs Limited    09580795

PPS Media Limited    03165439

Smudge Media Limited    10251647


Petitions to Wind Up

Aequitas Packing (UK) Limited    08913537


Winding up orders

One Space Media Limited    06741203

Strata Shopfitting Solutions Limited    08201475

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