Print Week: future of the printing industry up for grabs as the Daily Mail DMG is reviewed which could make ‘structural changes’ to the sector

Print Week: future of the printing industry up for grabs as the Daily Mail DMG contract is reviewed which could make ‘structural changes’ to the sector

Ian Carrotte of ICSM has hailed the review of the massive Daily Mail DMG contract as a game changed for the printing industry.

He said: “As the newspaper and magazine industry continues to reduce these once common place contracts for print runs that run into millions are increasing rare and highly important. They can make or break a company and massively effect their suppliers. My advice is if you are tied into a contract with a firm that relies almost entirely on one of these deals then beware. Those with long memories will recall how the termination of the contracts brought about the end of Quebecor and Polestar.”

In an article in the online version of Print Week Jo Francis reported on how the DMG contract was causing jitters in the industry after it was put under review.

She wrote: “Printweek understands that DMG Media’s Associated Newspapers division has carried out print trials on its Weekend and You supplements for the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday at both YM Chantry and Walstead Bicester. The titles have been printed gravure at Prinovis UK in Liverpool since the pre-pack and subsequent collapse of Polestar in 2016. At the time it was Polestar’s biggest contract.”

ICSM’s Ian Carrotte said the credit intelligence group that keeps tabs on firms in trouble for its members said there was also the concerns for importing paper and equipment from European countries. The closure of the Kvarnsveden Mill in Sweden  which manufactures 4m plus reels for the newspaper industry highlighted by Print Week was another aspect of the restructuring of the industry that had big knock on effects.

Below is a list of businesses in the printing and allied industries as listed by Companies House who have recently been in financial trouble:



Administrators Appointed

David Atkinson Communications Limited    10697568

Element Production Studios UK Limited    12553780

KLT Communications Limited    11059534


Administrators Meetings Para 51

Monument Paper Bag Company Limited (The)    00481099

Real Brick Limited    09665343


Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Braystone Marketing Limited    11093956

Clinton Smith Design Limited    05859993

Contra Framing Limited    10381456

FAM Media Limited    12161783

Golden Studio Limited    08555295

Hallam Signs & Graphics Limited    09520982

Ipex Communications Limited    12109835

Lifestyle Media House Limited    09286219

Maclaren Marketing (Yorkshire) Limited    04223683

Shot Kandy Limited    07382185

SJC Promotions Limited    09496105

The Last Transport Film Limited    10982334

To Asmara Film Limited    10408635

Waltham Print Limited    09904745


Liquidators Appointed

Andesign UK Limited    04562904

Braystone Marketing Limited    11093956

Bretts Trophy Centre Limited    03932420

Bureau Creative London Limited    10317666

Class One Communication Limited    09714846

Clarendon Press Gloucestershire Limited    05144567

Contra Framing Limited    10381456

Design at Work Limited    02307348

E Marketing Limited    12268427

KGK Genix (London) Limited    08814536

Lifestyle Media House Limited    09286219

Naughty Step Films Limited    09366390

Premier Posting Services Limited    06742463

Prezzroom Limited    11110746

QDos Exhibitions Limited    03789960

SA Marketing Solutions Limited    08986721

Skelkites Advertising Limited    07766848

South East Communications Limited    05181383

Stadia Media Limited    09361514

The You Agency Ltd    07949945

UK Leaflet Distribution (NW) Limited    11059719

Universe Catholic Media Limited    13286109

Urbans Signs Limited    09253600


Members Voluntary Liquidations

Crimson Hive Design Limited    06257027

LRN Design Services Limited    08418505

M&T Design Services Limited    12361260

Smudge Media Limited    10251647


Petitions to Wind Up

Aequitas Packing (UK) Limited    08913537

Strata Shopfitting Solutions Limited    08201475


Petitions to Wind Up   

Larkhark Films Limited    08400617


Winding Up Orders   

One Space Media Limited    06741203

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