Liverpool hotel, bar and restaurant chain collapses owing nearly £113m (but the owner tried to transfer its assets before the collapse)

In the firing line Katie and Lawrence Kenwright of Signature Living

Liverpool hotel, bar and restaurant chain collapses owing nearly £113m (but the owner tried to transfer its assets before the collapse)

The Liverpool Echo has recorded a string of complaints about the investment schemes run by Signature Living companies based in the city ahead of the collapse of the parent company.

With 60 hotels in the group and a numerous bars and restaurants around Merseyside and beyond it has become another victim of Covid 19 regulations that has seen the hospitality industry thumped.

However Signature Living’s CEO Lawrence Kenwright wasn’t without controversy before the collapse. He shifter many of the firm’s assets into a new company just before the crash and was then forced to put them back into the failed group by the administrators as it was against the rules.

Ian Carrotte of ICSM said it was a classic case of trying to restart the firm as a phoenix at the expense of the suppliers who have been left with £113 in unpaid invoices. Hundreds of staff are likely to be lost in one of the industry’s largest collapses during the pandemic.

Lawrence Kenwright’s wife Katie resigned as a director ahead of the collapse but there has been criticism of the couple for their handling of the group’s assets. An attempted sale of The Shankly Hotel last year failed to find a buyer while the group took a £2m loan from Cardiff Council to refurbish a hotel in the city in 2020 and there have been rows with Liverpoool’s council bosses over alleged drug use at one property and investors complaining to the Liverpool Echo about unpaid cash investments.

Runners and Riders

Below is a collated list taken from the Government’s London Gazette of allied businesses who are experiencing problems in the last few weeks.
We have broken them into different sections to make it easier to see and we have included the company number in each case. 

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Boutique Restaurant Group Limited    10874825
Downtown Food And Drink Limited    11496874
The Coliseum (London) Limited    11160730
Liquidators Appointed
A Nineteen Company Limited    11448516
Bar Opus Limited    08460427
Bay of Bengal Limited    11057624
Holdsworth Designs Limited    04850315
Horns Mill Limited    11855661
Inception Global Limited    08154233
Lodge Events Limited    11996880
Lounge India Lowestoft Limited    11352853
Manor House Spa Limited    09691932
Sea View Hotel Swansea Limited    11467614
Opus Restaurant Limited    05244581
Scorpion Event Production Limited    03879627
Shakes & Steaks Company Limited    11963742
Shepherd Cox Hotels (Manchester North) Limited    10604330
Studio Bea Limited    11518330
The Rose & crown (Hoylandswaine) Limited    11438999
Members Voluntary Liquidations
A-I-R Hotels Limited    01148159
Hellene Travel Limited    03644980
Studytrips Limited    02611466
Studytrips Travel Limited    03336697
Tourico Holidays UK Limited    07194495
UEI Restaurants Limited    07325381

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings
Jake's Vegan Steaks Limited    10776376
Masterchef Luton Limited    08847894
Maya Foods Limited    11310486
VF Foods (UK) Limited    09202578
Wingtip Brewing Company Limited    09427769
Liquidators Appointed
Goa Spice (Mexborough) Limited    11849430
China Village 118 Limited    11942276
Mrs Canopy Limited    12226365
The Field Kitchen (UK) Limited    07457911
The Tasted of China (Yorkshire) Limited    09947852
Wingtip Brewing Company Limited    09427769
Yokkmokk Limited    11248055
Members Voluntary Liquidations
John W F Hughes & Co Limited    00826647
R Jackson (Potatoes) Limited    00141592
Selby Salads Limited    04204258
Winding up orders
The Meat Company (Sussex) Limited    11974869

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