PRINT WEEK: Two Bradley Group outfits go into receivership

PRINT WEEK: Two Bradley Group outfits go into receivership

Print Week have reported on the demise of two outfits that are part of the Northern Ireland Bradley Group.

Jo Francis of the trade publication wrote last week (September 6) that Quinns Belfast (2009) and Nicholson & Bass are going into receivership as part of the restructure at Belfast’s Bradley Group, which continues to trade from the group's Mallusk site.

She writes: “Following the restructuring at the businesses in August that involved all employees being made redundant and reapplying for new jobs at the Bradley Group (UK), the 14 staff laid off as a result have been waiting for three weeks to receive their redundancy payments, with no joy.”

Jo Francis said that the Bradley Group issued a statement that said the former employees would now need to contact an insolvency specialist.

The statement read: “All employees who worked for either Nicholson & Bass Ltd and Quinns Belfast (2009) Ltd can contact Jessica at Bespoke Insolvency Solutions Ltd.”

The Print Week journalist explained that Jessica Hodgson works at Bespoke Insolvency Solutions in Bury, which has the same phone number as corporate recovery and business turnaround firm OBS Recovery in Bolton which she pointed out that ironically the OBS address is 106 Bradley House, on Radcliffe Moor Road.

The statement, reproduced here verbatim by Jo Francis, also said: “Nicholson & Bass Ltd and Quinns Belfast (2009) Ltd traded as subsidiary companies in the Bradley Group UK. Trading conditions through 2017/18 have been very tough for both entities, the uncertainty around Brexit and the fall in the value of sterling made for difficulties.

“We took immediate steps to consolidate our operation closing our operation in Liverpool, we sold our subsidiary companies retaining a printing operation in Belfast. The Bradley Group UK. Trading in the subsidiary entities under new ownership proved still more challenging, we understand that the owners of Quinns Belfast (2009) Ltd and Nicholson & Bass Ltd are now moving the entities into receivership."

Bradley Group (UK) continues to trade from the Mallusk factory, using the familiar brand names she reported.

“ and Nicholson Bass are trading names of The Bradley Group UK with new investment," the statement said and Jo Francis continued: “A spokesman for the group said it was ‘business as usual’ on the continuing printing operations and there would be no further comment at this time.”

She reported that filings that have just appeared at Companies House reveal that managing director Peter Bradley’s directorships of Quinns Belfast (2009) and Nicholson & Bass were terminated on 14 August, the same day that John McGrath was appointed as a director of both companies.

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