ICSM News: latest Runners and Riders in the Insolvency Stakes


ICSM News: latest Runners and Riders in the Insolvency Stakes

Already this year the High Street has seen 26 Gerry Weber fashion stores close their doors, the Bathstore go into administration and Debenhams struggling to stay afloat.

The House of Fraser is now in the hands of the creditors and Hardy Amies, OddBins and tReds are other high profile names that have hit the buffers this year.

It’s not just bad news for the staff but also for the suppliers. From couriers to hauliers and from printers to sign-makers many firms are left with unpaid invoices and potential cash flow problems of their own.

Businesses caught out by these failures understandably don’t like their own suppliers to know they’ve taken a hit. In retrospect those firms wish they hadn’t allowed their troubled client to have so much credit. If only they could have had some forewarning they might have avoided a bad debt. Members of ICSM get wind of firms across the UK who are experiencing problems and can avoid granting high levels of credit to companies known to be late payers or who are in danger of going to the wall. For the price of a tank full of fuel a sole trader can join ICSM and gain protection from all types of businesses in all sectors across the UK.

ICSM issues regular industry news with its dedicated news bulletins and articles here and on YouTube.

For the latest video visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vR2B0woPRY

Below is a list of firms in trouble over the last few weeks compiled from the Government's London Gazette' publication.

Administrators Appointed

Kaliber Marketing (holdings) Limited. 07.08.2019

Made in Mind Limited. 14.06.2019

Meltrans Logistics Limited. 03.06.2019

Nicholl Food Packaging Limited. 06.08.2019

Paragon Creative Limited. 03.07.2019

Selmerbridge Print Vehicles Limited. 01.07.2019

Shades Graphics Limited. 30.07.2019

Thamesdown Marketing Services Limited. 26.06.2019

The Marketing Group plc. 19.07.2019


Administrator’s Meeting Para 51

Keycolour Limited. 10.06.2019


Members Voluntary Liquidations

Acorn Media Services Limited. 24.06.2019

Affinix Limited. 18.06.2019

Branch Out Marketing Limited. 08.07.2019

Bunch Books Limited. 09.07.2019

Chequered Media Limited. 17.06.2019

Contact Sales and Marketing Limited. 15.07.2019

Dmwsl 562 Limited. 01.07.2019

Dmwsl 564 Limited. 01.07.2019

Dmwsl 567 Limited. 01.07.2019

Doris Asic Design Limited. 19.07.2019

Forbes Massie Studio Limited. 19.07.2019

Giftgaming Limited. 14.06.2019

Glw Print Services Limited. 05.07.2019

Greymarket Media Specialists Limited. 05.08.2019

Iris Digipac Limited. 26.06.2019

Jj Packaging Limited. 19.07.2019

Karmarama Comms Limited. 03.06.2019

Merivale Press Limited. 26.06.2019

Minahan Ink Limited. 12.06.2019

Silver Dagger PR Limited. 17.06.2019

Skyhigh Media Limited. 02.07.2019

S l Media Services Limited. 02.08.2019

YJ Marketing Limited. 18.07.2019


Creditors Voluntary Liquidators Appointed

Placement Marketing Limited. 03.07.2019


Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Ah Packaging Limited. 11.07.2019

A2B Stationery Limited. 13.08.2019

Axonn Media Limited. 19.07.2019

Banana Marketing 14 Limited. 07.08.2019

Bigger Printing Company Limited.

Bonfield Designs Limited. 19.07.2019

Consiliem Digital Technologies Limited. 06.06.2019

43 Digital Limited. 14.06.2019

Dinefwr Print & Design Limited. 18.07.2019

Excel Advertising & Print Limited. 06.08.2019

Fine Design Retail Limited. 11.06.2019

F & W Media International Limited. 05.08.2019

Kimkarma Limited. 2019-08-08

Kona Design Limited. 17.06.2019

Laserwords Print & Stationery Limited. 18.06.2019

On Screen Media UK Limited. 12.07.2019

Plantagenet Media Services Limited. 12.06.2019

PJR Marketing Limited. 05.08.2019

Q Design Consultants Limited. 17.06.2019

Reddoor Publishing Limited. 11.07.2019

Refined Media Limited. 16.07.2019

RT Brand Communications Limited. 16.07.2019

Rocket science marketing Limited. 06.08.2019

TCL Realisations Limited (Formerly known as Talbots Consortium Limited). 06.08.2019

Smart Media (NE) Limited. 08.07.2019

Trust in Media Limited. 06.06.2019


Liquidators Appointed

2B Graphics Partnership Limited. 17.07.2019

Art & Design Agency Limited. 2019-08-08

Ejh Marketing Limited. 2019-08-08

Antelope Design Limited. 01.07.2019

Axonn Media Limited. 01.08.2019

Bold Fashion Limited. 26.07.2019

Bonfield Designs Limited. 06.08.2019

Brand Conversions Marketing Limited. 06.06.2019

Brave New World Publishing Limited. 07.08.2019

Colour Five Limited. 24.06.2019

Central Colour Limited. 10.07.2019

Colour and Thing Limited. 10.07.2019

Creative Climate Limited. 24.06.2019

Design Maintain and Create Limited. 01.08.2019

Design Forces Limited. 06.08.2019

Dinefwr Print & Design Limited. 43691

Dixon Printing Company Limited. 43692

Excel Advertising & Print Limited. 43692

Fine Design Retail Limited. 18.06.2019

Fusion DM Limited. 17.06.2019

F & W Media International Limited. 13.08.2019

Gay Star News Limited. 43694

Green Field Design Limited. 12.06.2019

Goldsmith & Thorne Services Limited. 06.08.2019

Italia Home Limited.06.06.2019

JD Financial Publishing Limited. 43697

Kona Design Limited. 10.07.2019

KPR Marketing Limited. 01.08.2019

Layar BV. 14.06.2019

London Marketing and Hospitality Limited. 14.06.2019

Market Link Creative Marketing Limited. 43696

Mitchell & Wright (Printers) Limited. 13.08.2019

Media Venture Limited. 18.06.2019

Move Publishing Limited. 2019-08-08

Mun Designs Limited. 11.06.2019

Naked Penguin Boy Limited. 06.06.2019

Newco Design Limited. 01.08.2019

Pallet Supplies Northern Limited. 06.06.2019

Pigs & Bees Creative Marketing Limited. 13.08.2019

PJR Marketing Limited. 43693

Phoenix Colour Limited. 43696

Placement Marketing Limited. 12.07.2019

PPC (London) Limited. 06.06.2019

Pre Press Digital Print Limited. 06.08.2019

Printpit UK Limited. 18.06.2019

Print & Promotions (UK) Limited. 16.07.2019

Refined Media Limited. 30.07.2019

Retail Focus Promotions Limited. 05.07.2019

Rocket Science Marketing Limited. 43692

SC Marketing Limited. 02.08.2019

Signature Finishing Services Limited. 12.07.2019

Silverhub Media UK Limited. 14.06.2019

Smart Media (NE) Limited. 26.07.2019

South London Press Media Limited. 08.07.2019

Superdream Creative Limited. 19.07.2019

Thirty 30 Media Limited. 43696

Thriev Systems and Marketing Limited. 19.07.2019

Thames Digital Reprographics Limited. 01.07.2019

The Design Foundry UK Limited. 2019-08-08

Toucan Graphic Design Limited. 06.08.2019

Travel Marketing Group Limited. 31.07.2019

Ultimate Guide Media Limited. 15.07.2019

Yorkshire Dales Signage & Graphics Limited. 43692


Petitions To Wind Up

Axonn Media Limited. 18.07.2019

AMJ Scott Limited. 14.06.2019

Dionysus Design Services Limited. 2019-08-08

Foley Design Engineering Limited. 06.06.2019

LJM Print Limited. 2019-08-08

J L Direct Marketing Limited. 06.06.2019

Just Vans Self Drive Limited. 24.06.2019

Kneller Design Limited. 01.08.2019

Media Smart Consultancy Services Limited. 01.08.2019

London Tamil Media Limited. 11.07.2019

M4 Marketing Limited. 28.06.2019

Outer Spaces Design Limited. 2019-08-08

Pixafusion Digital Limited. 06.06.2019

Print Publishing Limited. 01.08.2019

Renegade Media Group Limited. 11.07.2019

Stoneleigh Design Limited. 01.08.2019

TCF Print Management Limited. 06.06.2019

To Infinity Print Limited. 11.06.2019

Verb Management Print Limited.06. 06.2019



Winding Up Orders

Altus Media (Fourteen) Limited. 24.06.2019

Altus Media (Nine) Limited. 24.06.2019

Altus Media (Twelve) Limited. 08.07.2019

Crest Design Limited. 03.06.2019

J L Direct Marketing Limited. 26.06.2019

London New Media Limited. 43697

M4 Marketing Limited 18.07.2019

Renegade Media Group Limited. 07.08.2019

To Infinity Print Limited. 18.07.2019

Verbmanagement Print Limited. 26.06.2019


Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

Sunshine Marketing Limited. 20.06.2019

Altus Media (Eleven) Limited. 05.08.2019

Altus Media (four) Limited. 05.08.2019

Altus Media (nine) Limited. 05.08.2019

Altus Media (twelve) Limited. 05.08.2019

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