ICSM Safetynet Credit Scoring Just Got Better

The new ratings reflect the past and predict the future.

We will also be making LOADS more International Credit information available on our Website!

Our new International report service and new rating system are due to launch on Monday, September 2nd, 2019, and follow intensive research into what you want.

We will be providing on line International credit reports for more countries than ever before.

The new rating information has been developed following data gathered and tests carried out over 10 years by leading Credit Insurance companies into the causes of company failures.

We believe this risk and rating model to be one of the most accurate in the marketplace.

The New ICSM Safetynet Rating is an alpha numeric rating read in conjunction with a credit guide figure. It is based on all the information and data on our databases, and it summarises our data providers overall opinion on your subject of enquiry.
Near the beginning of our new Credit Reports you will find the Credit Summary which contains the Most Recent Rating, Maximum Credit Limit and a Monthly Limit followed by a history of Ratings, Risks and Limits.

Doing business is risky, as well as competitive and the rating and risk category are designed to improve your credit control by:

  • Allowing you to despatch goods or services without delay (or to prevent despatch) or change credit terms.
  • Influencing your credit limits on new and existing customers
  • Providing sales colleagues with objective company information
When should you seek a Credit Rating?

When you are opening a new account or reviewing an existing account, we recommend you seek an ICSM Safetynet rating in order to assess the degree of your risk:
In regular tests by credit insurance companies, the
New ICSM Safetynet rating has consistently shown its ability to assess solvency and liquidity and to accurately predict the relative risk and survivability of a company.
Limited Companies - Financial Strength
Rating £’s                                  Overall Credit Rating (average values)

  £ A (Excellent)
B (Good)
C (Fair)
D (Poor)
1 50m plus 1000 750 300 125
2 20m-49m 400 250 150 75
3 6m-19m 200 100 70 40
4 1m-5m 100 70 40 20
5 500k-999k 70 50 30 15
6 250k-499k 40 30 20 10
7 100k-249k 20 15 10 5
8 50k-99k 10 7.5 5.2 5
9 25k-49k 5 3.75 2.5 0.75
10 1k-24k 2.5 1.75 1.25 0.75
 0  Less than £1– this does not necessarily imply that the subject is not creditworthy. In this instance closer inspection of the company, its parentage etc. is recommended.
A Agent (files non-trading accounts at Companies Registry). 
  N  Used for newly incorporated companies where accounts are not yet due to be filed and where no negative information exists. Monthly credit guide up to £50,000.
  NIL Used for companies who have not filed accounts in the last 2 years or for newly incorporated companies with negative information.
X Financial embarrassment or closure – credit is not recommended.
S Special Rating. Monthly credit guide up to £1,000,000. This applies to companies of good credit standing (Low to Normal risk) who, for one reason or another, do not fit into the above structure.
SN Special Rating. Monthly credit guide up to £10,000. This applies to creditworthy companies (Normal to Above Normal risk) who, for one reason or another, do not fit into the above structure.
P Parental Link. This rating only applies to strategically important establishments that are part of larger creditworthy organizations. Depending on the financial status of the parent, monthly credit guide could be either £50,000 or £500,000.
N.B. Financial strength indicator is based on number of employees and age of establishment. The above figures give an indication of recommended monthly credit and should not be construed as maximum credit limits, which can only be established by the supplier.
This is an example of what you will see on the new ICSM Safetynet Report:
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