REVEALED: who has gone bust this year - key companies listed in our industry sector by industry sector - in an easy to read format from ICSM Credit

REVEALED: who has gone bust this year - key companies listed in our industry sector by industry sector -  in an easy to read format from ICSM Credit

Every month the UK's leading credit intelligence group lists who has gone to the wall along with news from the insolvency and administrations indsutries. Now the listing is broken into sections to give members of ICSM Credit more detailed information - known in the business as the Runners and Riders.



Administrators Appointed

Creative Digital Images Limited  44208

(The) Oasis Graphic Company Limited  44169

Paperchase Products Limited  44225

Administrators Meetings Para 51

Double Six Press Limited  44172

East Moors Bindery Limited  44172

The Westdale Press Limited  44172

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

Freelanceocity Limited  44203

There You Go Marketing Solutions  44215

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Azure Designs International Limited  44207

A3 Creative Limited  44182

Acton Finishing (Stourbridge) Limited

Artwork Design (M/C) Limited

Cambridge Print and Copy Limited  44179

Design + Print Limited  44180

DCG Media Limited

Film Locations Limited  44176

Gentle Gallery Publishing Limited 44210

Hunter Patel Creative Limited  44215

Jam Marketing (UK) Limited  22.01.2021

Online Marketing Now Limited

Platinum Graphix Imaging Limited  44172

Premier Plastic Cards Limited  06.11.2020

Power Graphic Displays Limited

Wood Mitchell Printers Limited  44138

Wyke Printers Limited  44180

YMS Design Limited  44203

Liquidators Appointed

2112 Digital Limited  44232

365 Productions (UK) Limited  44216

4D Design and Display Limited  44167

55 Pixels Limited  44204

ACO Media Limited  44215

ADC Marketing Limited  44232

(The) Advertising Value Partnership Limited  44173

Artwork Design (M/C) Limited  44168

Baxter Fawcett Design Studio Limited  44103

Bold Advertising Services Limited  44173

(The) Corner Shop Public Relations Limited  44216

Data Baby Direct Marketing Limited  44201

Design + Print Limited  44201

Fab print and Promotions Limited  44173

Green Media Advertising Limited  44208

Goodley Bullen PR Limited  44225

Icon Designs Limited  44176

Kong Media Limited  44232

Lepus Marketing Limited  44168

Multiprint and Embroidery Limited  44173

Munro Market Research Limited  25.01.2021

Pinstripe Print Limited  22.01.2021

Print Solutions York Limited  44180

Quest Printing and Design (UK) Limited  44235

Randal Noland Media Limited  44208

Rosedale Ink Limited  44204

Tuna Fish Media Limited  44179

William West Printing Limited  44201

Members Voluntary Liquidations

Captain Tiger Limited  44232

ChowChow Media Limited  44235

Deeson Publishing Holdings Limited  44165

Deeson Publishing Limited  44165

Evill Design Limited  44168

E & P Design Solutions Limited  44235

Forum Print Management Limited  44235

Hythe Printers Limited  4417

Kryptonit Testing Limited

Newark Advertiser Company Limited (The)  44173

Pensar Digital Limited  44232

Preferpress Limited  44168

Sea End Design Limited  44165

Wildside Press Limited  22.01.2021

Petitions to Wind Up

Dellaney Gibbon Design Limited  44179

Process Print (Labelling and Design) Limited

Winding up orders

Sage Media National Limited  44176

Wardells Design Limited  44209



Administrators Appointed

Oakleigh Cars Limited  44232

JWT Commercial Limited  44207

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

G Lec Railway Services Limited  44215

Ward Woolston Group Limited  44207

Liquidators Appointed

Bramley Ferry Supplies Limited  44208

Devon Motors Ltd  44235

Dickinson Caravans Limited  44235

Diesel Industrial Electrical Spares and Equipment (London) Limited  44200

JSS Light Haulage Limited  44210

J.P. Distribution Limited  44207

Manchester Logistics Ltd  44204

Midland Gate and Barriers Limited  44203

Moveright International Limited  44207

Norwich Smart Taxis Ltd  44203

Savage Logistics Limited  44208

Turner Transport Limited  22.01.2021

United Car Parts Limited  44232

Voyager Executive Cars Limited  44232




Administrators Appointed

Lomand Homes Limited  44235

London Luton Chapel Street Student Accommodation Limited  25.01.2021

London Luton New Street Student Accommodation Limited  25.01.2021

Tego Roofing Limited  44232

Victorstone Limited

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

DMC Homes Limited  44210

Film Star Paint Protection Limited  44210

Nicholas Barry Construction Limited 44210

Thomas A. Ashton Developments Limited  44204

Yorkshire House Development Limited  44232

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

A McCulley Construction & Contracting Limited  44200

Howard Electrical Services (SW) Ltd  44235

HS Steel UK Limited  44209

Istanbul Kitchen Limited  44207

LDH Plant Limited  44207

Middlesborough Access & Construction Specialists Limited 44210

O'Malley Joinery Limited  44207

RS Contract Labour Limited  44207

SPD Construction Limited  44215

T & L Jones Joinery Limited  44203

Liquidators Appointed

Allbrook Construction Limited  44207

A McCulley Construction & Contracting Ltd  44208

Base Construction Limited  44235

Blackmore Building Services Limited  44232

D.A.W Trade Supplies Limited  44203

Fireplace-Fitters Company Limited  44232

Leighton Hall Property Limited  44235

LL Bathroom Design Ltd  44215

Meadowvale Homes Limited  44208

No Defects Construction Limited  44208

Phoenix Property (NW) Ltd  44208

Richmond Lofts & Extensions Limited  44235

TWK Scaffolding Limited  44232

Town & Country Kitchens Limited  44235

Members Voluntary Liquidations

AFMH Construction Limited  44232

H.J. Gifford Limited  44235

Lealand Homes Limited  44235

Total Land & Property Developments Limited  44235



Administrators Appointed

Atlantic Bay Hotel (Woolacombe) Limited 44196

Caer Rhun Hall Hotel Limited  44196

Carmarthen Bay Hotel Limited  44196

Dining Street Limited  25.01.2021

(The) Old Golf House Hotel Limited  44196

Llandudno Bay Hotel & Spa Limited  44196

Southport Promenade Hotels Limited  44232

Administrators Meetings Para 51

Bury Football Club Company Limited (the)  22.01.2021

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

ADA Riverside Limited  44210

Centrepoint Hotel Sales and Support Limited  44210

Rela8 Events Limited 44210

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Hardings Travel Limited  44209

Olive Tree Brasserie Stockton H Limited  22.01.2021

The Skegness Coffee Bean Limited  44200

Liquidators Appointed

Britain’s Heritage Limited  44207

Colonie Restaurants Limited  44209

Delightful Desserts Limited  44203

Enjoys Pizza Limited  44208

Ffresh Produce Limited  22.01.2021

G W Catering Services Limited  44209

Leisure Liners Limited  44204

Maxwells Restaurants Limited  44196

MB Hut Limited  44235

Pizza & Pasta Factory Ltd  44196

Sea Salt Restaurants Limited  44203

(The) Skegness Coffee Bean Limited  44216

Turkish Spice Limited  44216

Winding up orders

Macclesfield Town Football Club Limited



Administrators Appointed

A.G. Clothing Limited  44169

Arcadia Group Brands Limited  44169

Arcadia Group Fashion Holdings Limited  44169

Arcadia Group Limited  44169

Burton Trading Limited  44169

Burton/Dorothy Perkins Properties Limited  44169

BM Retail Limited  44168

Dorothy Perkins Trading Limited  44169

Evans Retail Limited  44169

Millican Limited  44232

Miss Selfridge Properties Limited  44169

Miss Selfridge Retail Limited  44169

Outfit Retail Limited  44169

Paperchase Products Limited  44225

Top Shop/Top Man Properties Limited  44169

Top Shop/Top Man (Germany) Limited  44169

Top Shop/Top Man (Trinity) Limited  44169

Top Shop/Top Man (Wholesale) Limited  44169

Top Shop/Top Man Limited  44169

Wallis Retail Limited  44169

Wallis Retail Properties Limited  44169

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

Sophie’s Handbag and Accessories Limited 44210

Tahira Supermarket Limited  44210

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Furniture Central Limited  44215

Grand Arcade Wigan Limited  44215

Liquidators Appointed

Alberts Formal Wear Limited  44216

Charing Meats (Kent) Limited  44207

Elan No 1 Shop Limited  44233

Fantasy and Comic Emporium Limited  22.01.2021

Gem Bargain Retail Ltd  44235

MJH Fashions Limited  44225

Newsbox Express Limited 

Sargent Shoes On-line Limited  44232

Spice Key Limited  44232

Members Voluntary Liquidations

E N Atkins Limited

Retail Plastics Plus Limited  44235




Administrators Appointed

Be Logical UK Limited

Renew Financial Management Limited  22.01.2021

Robin Hood Energy Limited  44207

Compulsory Liquidators Appointed s 136

Advanced Machine Tool Systems Limited  44210

Modern Learning Strategies Limited 44210

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation Deemed in Consent Meetings

Coursebox Limited  44200

Q-Energy Limited  22.01.2021

Liquidators Appointed

Amsys Mobitech Limited  44235

Gem Bargain Retail Limited  44235

Oaklea Drafting Limited 

Pick It Pack It Send It Limited 

Members Voluntary Liquidations

Jade Rabbit Limited  44232

Mathison IT Limited  44235


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