IPIA member interviewed on Sky News speaking about the way Government lockdowns and Covid-19 have brought devastation to the printing industry - read Brendan Perring's letter on how you can lobby MPs

IPIA member interviewed on Sky News on how Government Covid-19 rules have brought devastation to the printing industry - read Brendan Perring's letter on how you can lobby MPs

Dear IPIA Member,
I do hope this email finds you safe and well. I am writing to give you the good news first of all that Sky News responded to our repeated calls to the media to shine a light on the plight of thousands of print businesses facing closure by the end of the year without support. 
You can view the special economic report segment that aired on October 14th at the link below. And a big thanks to our intrepid Council Member Alasdair Brown of Abbot Print for stepping up to support our industry and face the cameras: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6721882924578312192
We will now use this coverage as part of our ongoing efforts to lobby the Government for support. Remember - write to your MP and BEIS using the details provided below this email to assist in this fight. 
ACT NOW to secure financial support for your business and the UK print industry. You CAN make a difference. Please see below where you will find information so that you can write both to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and your MP to request representation.

Write to BEIS:

In the first instance please write to BEIS with as much detailed information as possible about the impact that Covid-19 and social restrictions have had on your finances, the redundancies you plan to make, and the viability of your business without specific support for the print industry. You can do this at: intel@beis.gov.uk 

Write to your MP:

At the links below you will find a letter that you can use as a template and edit as you wish to send to your MP, and instructions on how you can identify and write to your MP. By both email and posted letter if at all possible please. 

MP Letter Template:

Directory of MP's and their postal + email addresses:

Other ways to contact your MP:
All the very best,

Brendan Perring,

General Manager, 
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