ICSM Credit’s print industry news: Printers react to Covid restrictions; IPIA urges printers to lobby MPs; and two magazine publishers are liquidated

ICSM Credit’s print industry news: Printers react to Covid restrictions; IPIA urges printers to lobby MPs; and two magazine publishers are liquidated

Writing in Print Week Jo Francis has gauged the reaction of the print industry to the new Covid-19 restrictions and how they affect business and the conclusions are not positive. And the reactions of readers in the comments section on the trade journal’s website are even more negative.

Print Week's Jo Francis

Rule of Six

The journalist spoke with Charles Jarrold of the BPIF who said the problems with the new Government rules on Covid-19 were not clear. Jo Francis reported he said: ““I think what’s particularly exhausting is that it’s not entirely clear what the strategic priority of the government is: is it trying to beat the virus? Is it trying to suppress the virus until we get a vaccine? We started off protecting the NHS but now it feels slightly different.

“I understand wanting to stop the spread of the infection but it’s at a frightening cost to society,” he added. It has a dampening effect on the economy as a whole. Retail, hospitality and leisure has already been clobbered and is about to be hit again. In our latest survey 70% of companies said that a lack of demand was the big issue. Most commercial printers are still operating well below last year and that’s a real challenge for people.”

And she reported that Brendan Perring of the IPIA felt the Rule of Six and other measures were ‘having a rapid impact on business confidence and direct print orders.’

But it was the comments section where readers let rip with their thoughts. Mitesh Chouchan asked at what cost would the restrictions have on the economy and wrote: “The Flu is killing x5 times more people than Covid. Surely there are other options e.g the most vulnerable to go back into isolation. Don't Gun me down - just giving my opinion.” While another contributor added, ‘Covid isnt going away anytime soon we just just need to keep calm and carry on.’

The full article can be read here: https://www.printweek.com/News/article/lockdown-part-two-industry-reacts

Brendan Perring

Print’s lobbying campaign

The IPIA have come out in favour of a mass lobbying campaign urging printers to write to their MP. Print Week reported on the idea. They said: “The IPIA is urging its members – and the wider industry – to write to their MP to highlight the need for print-specific government support. IPIA general manager Brendan Perring said that grassroots action would help reinforce the message in the recent joint letter from 15 industry associations sent to chancellor Rishi Sunak.”

The Graphics & Print Media Alliance (GPMA) have also warned that thousands of printing industry businesses could go bust if the government does not bring in targeted relief. The alliance that represents 3,471 companies have written to Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Alok Sharma, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, calling for a means-tested disaster relief grant fund for the UK print industry.

Publishers liquidated

Liquidators have been called to CH Publishers in Surrey and to EMP Publishing who are behind the at Home series of magazines.  CH Publishers have appointed R L H Knight and M S Willis both of Compass FRI to rake over the ashes of their operation.

They are perhaps best known from their titles on Six Nations rugby and the Definitive Guide to the Ryder Cup and the World Cup in football. Based in London the company are famed for working with celebrities Tess Daly and Gary Lineker to promote their magazines.

Ian Carrotte of ICSM Credit said it was a tragedy but people were no longer buying magazines in large numbers and that Covid 19 had made it hard to access the publications.

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