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Exclusive to ICSM Credit members are free Business Toolkit Consultations with an experienced business financial expert to explore options to help access future funding in a post pandemic recessionary climate.

ICSM Credit see this strategic partnership as both a crucial and beneficial resource to its membership with the ability for them to access high level industry expertise, Ian Carrotte comments: “These are unprecedented times and businesses both large and small will need to lean on professional advisors. To be able to tap into more than 25 years commercial lending experience will be invaluable and we are delighted to be able to offer this service to our members.”

Navigate your way out of the crisis

Cash is king for any business and navigating your way through an ever changing financial services landscape will have its challenges. Presenting lending opportunities in the right way will become increasingly more important as Lenders apply greater rigour to credit assessment due to the effects of COVID-19.  With more hoops to jump through in all aspects of commercial finance, businesses are well advised to seek professional guidance to improve the prospect of success.  

ICSM Credits extensive membership trust the credit intelligence network for giving accurate information on businesses encountering financial difficulty.  Whilst sound credit management and process will greatly reduce the risk of potential bad debt, the true effects of late payment and the unpredictability of revenue in the current climate can have more far reaching implications to cash flow.

Cash management

Cash management is every businesses priority at this time and access to finance will be featuring at the top of most company agendas. Whilst the various Government initiatives have provided welcome support, grants and furloughing schemes have only scratched the surface as many scrambled for CBIL’s funding as revenues crashed. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, the CBIL’s schemes qualifying criteria has rejected many firms leaving them empty handed and left to the mercy and goodwill of their creditors who are left with little alternative but to extend forbearance or increase the risk of bad debt themselves. The less criteria driven BBL scheme, whilst welcomed has only provided very limited relief leaving business owners with longer term uncertainty.  

Other businesses may be looking to protect their enterprise value and considering options to bring forward plans to sell their business. However, it’s been well publicised that the underlying financial impact to the country from the COVID pandemic will see a significant budget deficit with estimates to be as much as £300bn. The chancellor has already hinted at the need to raise additional tax revenue to balance the books and capital gains tax is an obvious target with suggestions that this could be aligned to income tax rates in the next budget.

With so many moving parts - financial planning will be key to the survival of many UK businesses.

Outside of the traditional Banks, asset based lenders (ABL) and the alternative finance market have been supporting industry with more innovative and tailored working capital solutions for many years. Whilst it’s true that many will be applying more caution it hasn’t quelled their appetite or willingness to support businesses.

Whilst bank and independent market segmentation differentiates the various lenders in all areas of the financial services market, there are financial products to fund pretty much all areas on a business’s balance sheet. The ICSM Credit Business Toolkit Consultation can identify these options.

Some reasons for a Business Toolkit Consultation:

Your business does not qualify for CBIL’s support, what other options are available?

My Bank are being unsupportive, can I refinance my business?

My trade suppliers are being unsupportive in their demands for repayment, how do I protect my business?

Is it time to now consider selling my business?

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented new opportunities, to take full advantage we will need an investor?

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