A business ménage à trois! ICSM Credit welcomes the news that Premier Paper are teaming up with the Independent Printing Industry Association (IPIA)

Credit security in the printing and allied industries improved with new partnership as Premier Paper teams up with the IPIA

Premier Paper, one of the nation’s biggest players in the paper and stationery industry has teamed up with the print sector's Independent Printing Industry Association (IPIA) offering their customers a ‘Lite’ membership. The initiative is designed to help soften the blow of the Covid-19 crisis and in doing so has given Premier’s customers the benefits of ICSM Credit and the group’s vital credit intelligence which has saved scores of firms from being hit by bad debts.

Marian Stefani

Ian Carrotte of ICSM Credit said he welcomed the move as the print, paper and allied industries had been hit disproportionally by the pandemic and the lock-down. He said: “The IPIA is a proactive organisation for trade printers and Premier Paper is a highly respected company so it is a good fit.”

Writing in the trade magazine Print Week Darryl Danielli reported: “Premier Paper Group has partnered with the IPIA to offer its active customers free membership to take advantage of the trade association’s support to help them adjust to the post Covid business landscape.

“Lite membership offers commercial printers a pared-back suite of benefits, including access to services such as a legal helpline and HR support, provided by Quest, and credit checking and debt recovery, provided by ICSM Credit. Full membership, which isn’t covered by the Premier deal, retains a number of unique benefits including personalised PR and business support and free editorial in IPIA’s Innovation magazine. It costs £85 per month.”

Dave Jones. Pic: Print Week

The IPIA has around 160 members, while their associated trade body the British Association for Print and Communication (BAPC) has 400 members and ICSM Credit’s membership runs to many thousands as it represents all sectors of British industry from haulage to construction and from printing to retailing.

Speaking exclusively to ICSM Credit Marian Stefani of IPIA said it was an exciting time for the trade group as they were expanding to include more sectors of industry. “We are building on our core membership of trade printers, through the relationship with Premier Paper and the new IPIA Lite membership.”

IPIA President Mike Roberts

IPIA President Mike Roberts commented: "The IPIA Council is both proud and excited by this generous initiative from Premier as it enables us to provide even more support to the industry as we face some of our most difficult challenges. No other trade association could have offered more business help and advice during the Covid-19 crisis than our team, and it’s been hugely appreciated.” 

Dave Jones marketing director at Premier says: “During the pandemic, the IPIA was not only very proactive representing the print sector’s interests with the Government but also extremely efficient at providing timely information and guidance for its member community.”

Brendan Perring

Marian Stefani praised the work of former Print Monthly editor Brendan Perring who joined the IPIA as general manager last year. She said: "He has worked had to promote the and maximise its reach with events during the pandemic. The IPIA created the new Lite membership model last November to open up membership to commercial printers. Previously, prior to its merger with the BAPC in June, membership had been largely made up of trade printers and print management firms.”

Ian Carrotte and Marian Stefani at the Print Show

Ian Carrotte of ICSM Credit said he looked forward to consolidating the partnership with the IPIA whose members already benefited from membership of the credit intelligence group.

More details at https://members.ipia.org.uk/premier-paper-lite-membership/ 

VIDEO - Brendan Perring talks about ICSM Credit: https://youtu.be/cxAAVgRHv2E

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