ICSM Credit’s global reach: collecting debts for clients anywhere in the world

Anywhere, anyplace, anytime: ICSM Credit goes after your debtors across the globe and gets you your money

The Japanese multi-national was about to go bust owing one UK firm £41,000 but ICSM Credit were on the case and after negotiating directly with the CEO every penny was paid.

“It can be nerve wracking at times,” said Paul Carrotte, “but essentially every debt we collect is the same whether it is in Cardiff or Capetown. We’ve collected from South America and Malaysia with equal success as we use the same negotiating tactics. Diplomacy and flexibility are essential as you need to keep the debtor talking but give them a way out as well. “

FREE Legal Letters work

Working with the legendary ICSM Credit FREE legal letters members of the credit intelligence organisation enjoy around an 87% success rate without having to part with any cash as they chase down overdue invoices.

“There’s a perception that debts are treated differently overseas,” said Ian Carrotte, “but a debt is a debt whether it is here or in Timbuktu. And it is made easier to collect as English is the international language of business. The largest number of foreign countries we deal with are within Europe and the EU, but we have recovered money in most of the USA states, Canada, Australia and parts of South America and Asia. Nowhere is out of bounds so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.”

ICSM Credit have four decades of experience and have weathered at least three major recessions so the current uncertainty around the economy due to the Covid-19 crisis is something that doesn’t faze them.

“When there is a downturn we often find firms will use the crisis as an excuse not to pay their suppliers,” said Paul Carrotte, “but the court and legal system remains open and despite what you may think most companies have cash and will pay up overdue invoices if diplomatic pressure is applied.”

There is a video to show how to send a free legal letter with ICSM Credit at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIycysoFhYo

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