As coronavirus crisis deepens don’t let bad debts kill your business

ICSM Credit's Paul Carrotte: 'use out debt collection service and get paid'

With almost the entire country’s businesses suffering during the coronavirus crisis many will be feeling the problems of a lack of cash and a mounting problem.

Members of ICSM Credit have already noticed some of their customers are not paying their invoices on time while several have moved to use ICSM Credit’s debt collection sector when payment fails to be made at all.

Debt Collection Manager Paul Carrotte said there was an increase in members of ICSM asking for help in getting paid.

“Don’t allow your debtors to become the next virus you have to suffer,” he said, “there are many out there already using the coronavirus outbreak as just another excuse to avoid paying despite carrying on normal business themselves.

“In a world full of modern technology and advanced communications there is no excuse for most of the corporate world to come to a halt. Home working is proof of that! So as well as washing your hands regularly why not wash your hands of your most troublesome customers and pass them to ICSM’s debt collection department.”

ICSM Credit Debt Collection sector is extremely successful in settling long overdue invoices for members and for associated businesses due to its professional approach. Paul Carrotte said they are often thanked not just by the creditor for getting payment in full but by the debtor who appreciates the diplomatic way the issue is handled.

ICSM Credit Debt Collection

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