ICSM Credit issue warning to hauliers

Concerns mount over logistics and the EU as another company crashes

Motor Transport’s Chris Tindall as reported on the demise of the Hertfordshire based haulier Carters Haulage.

He said: “The company appointed insolvency practitioners at SFP Restructuring to handle its affairs on 21 January. Established in 2016, its Hoddesdon base is just 10 miles from central London and close to the M25. It held a standard national licence for 50 HGVs and 28 trailers.

“When Motor Transport contacted the company, director James Harrington declined to comment on the circumstances surrounding its insolvency, but he confirmed that the business had ceased trading and staff had lost their jobs.”

Ian Carrotte of ICSM Credit said the signs are not good for hauliers and they need to protect themselves from bad debts and late payers. He said: "A lot of hauliers and couriers have joined ICSM so as to make use of free legal letters and our debt collection service but also inside information on which companies are in trouble. Gaining credit intelligence as a member can and does save many a member for collapse."

Carters Haulage say on their website: “Carters Haulage’s HQ is based just 10miles from Central London and only 1 miles from the M25, giving us easy transport links into the city and surrounding areas. We also have a fully operational warehouse that distributes to any destination in the UK.

“As an organization, we pride ourselves on our first-class service and the facilities that we have to offer. No consignment is too large or too small, and we put maximum effort and energy into making certain that all requests from our customers are carried out with optimum care and efficiency.”

Tindall tried to get a statement from the defunct firm’s owner but got no reply.

ICSM Credit has been charting the collapse of haulage firms in recent months and some readers will be wondering if the amount of liquidations is speeding up or about the same long before Brexit was an issue.

There are continuing concerns expressed by the logistics industry over the terms of any agreement with the EU. Elizabeth de Jong, Director of Policy at Freight Transport association (FTA) said last week: “While changes in the way borders operate and in export and import formalities are to be expected, FTA is calling on the government to prioritise the smooth flow of goods and seek to minimise frictions, red tape and costs logistics companies may face under a new agreement." 

“Businesses have not had three years to prepare. Whilst discussions regarding the UK’s future trading relationship with the EU have been happening since the referendum in 2016, there has not been sufficient detail released for the logistics industry to prepare. FTA is asking the government to include logistics in every step of the way – from the definition of the negotiating mandate to implementation of new rules – to ensure any new trade and transport arrangements will work in practice.”

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