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Date: 15/06/2012
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ICSM Chasing Letters- 30 Day Trial

Legal Letter Trial

Take control of your finances today with the ICSM 30 day trial.

Over the past 20 years ICSM has carefully created a range of chasing letters, designed to put your invoice at the top of your debtors payment pile. These letters, which are sent out on our letterhead, will have a massive impact on your debtors. ICSM Members find that 85% of letters sent out result in a payment within seven days.

If you have someone on your ledger thatís gone beyond terms, we challenge you to send one of our chasing letters, both produced and posted at our expense. We appreciate that you know your customers better than we do, so there are three letter types to choose from. These letters range from a gentle reminder, designed for your slower payers, to a firmer ĎFinal Demandí, available for serial debtors.

The trial will give you full ICSM membership and associated benefits for 30 days, completely free of charge. The account will be loaded with 10 of our popular SafetyNet credit reports to check out your customerís creditworthiness as well as 10 ICSM chasing letters to submit online.

At the end of the trial you will be given the option of becoming a full member of the ICSM credit network, which operates as an annual subscription.


To sign up for the ICSM 30-day trial, please contact our Membership Team on 01454 322234, let us set this up for you today.


Christopher Moore


ICSM | Credit Management Consultant

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