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Service: Debt Recovery
Date: 10/06/2012
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How well do you know your debtor?

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Do you often question how much you really know about your debtor?

Of course you know how much they owe you and more than likely you’ll know their trading address, but if it were us and a company owed us money, we would want to know everything about them. How much would it cost you if one of your top customers went under today?

This year, in May alone, ICSM have had to write off almost £100k worth of debt on behalf of its members, many of which could have been avoided with correct company or debtor identities.

On top of what you already know, ICSM can paint the full picture about your debtor. Perhaps you’d like to know how much this company is turning over each year, or who’s running the business? Lots of businesses like to see a rating and a limit for how much credit to give their customers. However, more importantly than any of this, ICSM can tell you if this company has got a history of not paying their bills. If this company bounced a cheque on one of your competitors last week, then ICSM can tell you.

ICSM gives members a place to go and share their frustration regarding problem customers, offering a safety net to other members. If you have a company messing you around at the moment we ask two things of you....

  1. Ask yourself how much you know about this company? Did you have a look at their credit report? It may not be too late…
  2. Tell ICSM today! It’s quick, simple and free. You can stop someone else from picking up your problem customer and in return we might be able to stop you from doing the same.

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