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Service: Debt Recovery
Date: 08/11/2012
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Debt RecoveryPlus

We've all experienced customers who don't pay their bills, and we all know how much effort is involved in chasing outstanding invoices.

Everyone involved in running a business knows how tight profit margins are right now. Paying debt recovery charges whether to lawyers or elsewhere destroys margins completely, making what may have been a profitable job into, not only a headache but a loss as well.

It is with this in mind that we have launched our newest service exclusively to our members, ICSM Debt RecoveryPlus!

By incorporating the ICSM recommended 'Good Business Practice' regime into the way your business trades, ICSM will ensure that you reap the rewards. Using this scheme, your debtor will have agreed, in your terms, that should they go overdue, ICSM are at liberty to recover your money, using whatever means necessary, with all recovery cost's being legally owed by the debtor. We find that once the debtor can see that they're up against the wall, they tend to settle long before the need to drag the case before the courts.

See below for the ICSM 'Good Business Practice' guidelines.

  1. There MUST BE a signed Credit Application Form
  2. A section will need to be added to your trading terms T&C's, giving permission for ICSM to recover the debt when beyond term, signed by an officer of the Debtor Company. (We will provide you with a copy of this clause).
  3. An ICSM Credit Report on the subject must have been taken.
  4. Debt must be in excess of 1K

By incorporating these simple Good Business Practise procedures into the way you trade, overdue accounts will become a thing of the past.

If you would like more information call Rupert today on 01454 322234.

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