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Our legal letters service is a quick and easy way of informing debtors that their accounts are overdue and that payment is required.

Using a third-party letter from ICSM shows your customers that you take overdue accounts very seriously. There are three types of letter available, informing debtors:

  • their account is Overdue
  • they are in Breach of Contract
  • of a Final Demand before Legal Action is taken (also telling them that their details will be added to the ICSM database and circulated to interested parties)

Many clients find that sending letters is the only prompt needed to encourage their customers to settle their accounts.

In cases where this isn’t enough, we also provide a free* debt recovery service and advice by solicitors and lawyers

*debt recovery is free to subscribers who use the online ICSM “legal letters before action” and comply with ICSM’s recommended professional credit guidelines.
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